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Why choose Whoami VPN ?

We are specialized in providing privacy solutions. Based in Republica de Panama - Where privacy and confidentiality is not only respected but also followed by constitutional law
Streaming content
Worldwide access

With Whoami you can access streaming content that might be unavailable when you are abroad.

Foreign Government
Suppression of information

Publish and access information on the internet that may be censored by foreign governments.

Protect sensitive data
Data theft prevention

Transmission of data from any public network can easily be illegally collected by agencies and criminals.

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1 Month plan

Unlimited usage

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billed $7.99 every month

6 Months plan

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billed $34.99 semiannually

If you require a bulk order, please contact us at admin@whoamivpn.com

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whoami vpn - 12 months plan

Anonymously secure access to our servers.

($1.99 per month. Billed yearly) $24.00

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You can download our VPN software for Windows and Mac OS from the download page.

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Whoami VPN - become anonymous with our software

No records of your VPN usage saved

Unlimited traffic

Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Key Exchange

AES-GCM 256-bit encryption

24/7 customer support

OpenVPN protocol

DNS Leak Protection

Bypass Restricted Firewall Rules

Bypass Firewalled Internet Access

Many servers worldwide

Unlimited server switching

Available for Windows and Mac OS

P2P allowed on all servers

OpenVPN Config Available

TCP or UDP over IP traffic

Inbuilt Ad- and Malwarebloker

DNS Encryption, MiTM Protection

No DNS Logs and Fast Lookups